Who We Typically Work With...

  • Business owners, CEOs, executives, and high-level sales professionals 
  • Businesses that employ a relationship-based, consultative selling process with an outside, customer-facing sales team
  • Manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, food and beverage, and business services sectors

Personal Wins of Business Owners and Executives...

  • Financial: An increase in income and business valuation
  • Emotional: The mitigation of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and doubt
  • Physical: The freedom to focus time and effort on driving the core business and to pursue other activities (passions and lifestyle)

Key Areas of Focus...

  • Business Development - get the numbers up quick... more transactions and/or bigger transactions
  • Sales Leadership/Culture - the key factor to sustainable success, period.
  • Sales Management/Operations - build and scale the back-end right to support your people, not the other way around
  • Sales Training - get and keep the right people and teach them how to execute at a top-performing level

The Nuts and Bolts...

  • Sales strategy and execution (the big picture)
  • Business development (prospecting, lead generation)
  • Sales process (qualifying, closing, referrals, upsell)
  • Sales leadership development (culture)
  • Sales operations/management (metrics development, forecasting/reporting, CRM administration, comp plan)
  • Sales channels (direct/indirect and domestic/foreign)
  • Recruit, train, coach, and retain top-preforming sales talent
  • Personal development