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Speaking Programs and Topics

Brian’s audiences typically include businesses, trade associations, service organizations (Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis), churches, and schools.

Below are common themes and programs for businesses, however these programs and topics may be tailored to accommodate other organizations as the principles of growth, influence, strategy, and leadership are universal. Also, the duration of a program may be scaled from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

If you are interested in a customized or specific program to fit your needs and audience, please contact Brian as he is able to speak on many other topics, including personal and professional development, and emotional and spiritual growth.

Sales Strategy and Execution – Hope is not an effective strategy, only a path to wandering disappointment. Get clear, get focused, get direction, and get going through the execution of a proper strategy. 

Subtopics include:

  • Basics of Strategy Development – Identify your starting point, pick a destination, and get moving with clarity and purpose.
  • Branding, Marketing, and Sales Overview – Branding first, marketing second, sales third. Get these right, and in the correct sequence, and an increase in revenue is all but inevitable… and easier.
  • Business Development(lead gen, prospecting) – Realize more transactions and or bigger transactions through a simple strategy and the fundamental tactics to obtain new, loyal and raving customers.
  • Sales Process (qualifying, converting leads) – Understand why buyers buy, how to effectively and systematically qualify and convert prospects into customers, and obtain fanatical referrals by delivering on your promise.

Culture of Leadership and Influence (Sales) – Effective leadership of an organization or team comes first through self-leadership. From there, leadership and influence of others flows naturally. Everyone within the organization must show up and own their space, especially from the top-down. Learn and grow the skills and traits of leadership and you will grow the organization as a result.

Sales Operations, Management, and Training – Create a system to support and monitor your revenue growth efforts using effective and efficient processes and tools to empower your sales team. Topic also includes creating an effective sales training program to obtain and share top-performing sales and sales management philosophies and best-practices and create a system to constantly and consistently innovate them.

Organization of Value and High-Valuation – How to create massive value to all stakeholders including customers/members, colleagues, and community. A healthy and high-functioning organization is a must in order to scale and sustain growth, and reap the benefits thereof.

How to Grow Your Business/Organization – The program includes such topics as: why people do what they do (buy); how to influence others (sell); how to create a simple strategy of branding, marketing, and selling to attract more customers (or members). Although this program is focused on growing a business, the principles apply to all types of organizations, including trade associations, service clubs, churches, etc. Business owners, executives, and directors of nonprofits will find the program valuable in providing insights on the fundamentals that are often overlooked when attempting to grow a business or organization.