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Organization of Value and High-Valuation - How to create massive value to all stakeholders including customers/members, colleagues, and community. A healthy and high-functioning organization is a must in order to scale and sustain growth, and reap the benefits thereof.

Culture of Influence and Leadership - Effective leadership of an organization or team comes first through self-leadership. From there, leadership and influence of others flows naturally. Everyone within the organization must show up and own their space, especially from the top-down. Learn and grow the skills and traits of leadership and you will grow the organization as a result.

Strategy and Execution - Hope is not an effective strategy, only a path to wandering disappointment. Get clear, get focused, get direction, and get going through the execution of a proper strategy. Topic also includes discussion on the three main sales channels (direct, distributors, and manufacturer sales reps).

Sales Operations and Management - Create a system to support and monitor your revenue growth efforts using effective and efficient processes and tools to empower your sales team.

Sales Process and Training - Learn top-performing sales philosophies and best-practices and create a system to constantly and consistently innovate and share them. See below for Bus-Dev and Sales Process subtopics.

Business Development – Realize more transactions and or bigger transactions through a simple strategy and the fundamental tactics to obtain new, loyal and raving customers.

Sales Process – Understand why buyers buy, how to effectively and systematically qualify and convert prospects into customers, and obtain fanatical referrals by delivering on your promise.

Branding, Marketing, and Sales Overview – Branding first, marketing second, sales third. Get these right, and in the correct sequence, and an increase in revenue is all but inevitable. 

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