Who I Typically Work With...

  • Business owners, executives, and professionals
  • Organizations with salespeople numbering from  1 to 100 
  • Sectors: healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale & distribution, business services, food & beverage, professional services, and others

Personal Wins...

  • Financial: An increase in income and business valuation
  • Emotional: The mitigation of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, strife, and fear
  • Physical: The freedom to focus time and effort on driving the core business and to pursue other activities (passions and lifestyle)

Key Areas of Focus...

  • Business Development – sell to new customers and sell more to existing customers (more transactions, bigger transactions)
  • Sales Process – qualify/covert prospects (leads) into repeat customers through a proven process
  • Culture of Value – create massive value to all stakeholders (customers, colleagues, community, suppliers)
  • Sales Management/Operations – create sales channels and a system to support sales activities
  • Sales Strategy and Execution – assess starting point (Point A), identify destination (Point B), develop a simple, sustainable plan (route), and execute (get moving)
  • Sales Training - get and keep the right people and teach them how to win at a top-performing level
  • Personal and Professional Development – change minds by shifting the locus of control from external to internal

Client Investment...


Four (4) one-hour sessions per month (weekly) at $1,200 per month.

- or-

Two (2) one-hour sessions per month (bi-weekly) at $600 per month.


  • Frequency (sessions per month) is dependent on the compelling need of the client to achieve results, financial budget, and time and energy priorities.
  • To achieve desired results, a minimum coaching commitment of three (3) months is required.
  • Coaching sessions are conducted via phone, Zoom / FaceTime, or in-person if located in the Tri Valley Area (San Francisco Bay Area).
  • Travel, lodging, and an applicable per day fee shall be considered for out of area travel to client’s site.

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