Offer Letter

Dear Business Owner or Executive,

As a business owner or senior executive, you may have an emotional or financial need to solve any of the following issues that you may be facing now, or will so in the near future. Such issues may include the need to increase sales revenue, refine sales operations and productivity, and improve employee engagement and collaboration.  There is a better and easier way to grow your business in a sustainable and scalable way that is based on your vision of the future and your definition of success.

In my experience, I have observed that even though most business owners and senior executives are technically proficient at operating their business, many can do better at growing sales revenue and maximizing the value and valuation of their business, with proper and objective guidance. Having said that, I can tell you this…. I am not an expert in your specific industry and I am not here to tell you how to run your business. However, I am an expert in marketing and selling and can help you in these areas.

As a consultant, coach, and speaker, ultimately I fix sales problems and help businesses grow the top-line and positively impact the bottom-line. I do this using a comprehensive and exclusive 5-step approach focused on sales leadership, strategy, and process. It has proven to be so successful, I even back it up with a measurable performance guarantee (see website for details).

Areas of focus:

1. Organization of Value and High-Valuation

2. Culture of Influence and Leadership

3. Sales Strategy and Execution

4. Sales Operations and Management

5. Sales Process and a Sales Training System

Your sales will increase by 10% within 5 months, guaranteed!

My unwavering promise to you is to provide the energy, wisdom, clarity, and focus needed to 

grow your sales revenue and reap all of the benefits that result from us working together to build your business.

With over 20 years of experience in various sales roles and markets, clients trust and rely on my help to become unstuck and grow the business. There is a better, easier way to grow sales revenue and it need not be complicated or difficult with the right guidance. Following a proven methodology and proper sequence, successful businesses are built from the top-down, inside-out.

It is my mission to enlighten and empower owners and executives to help businesses prosper. Owning and operating a business is a challenging endeavor in its own right. I am here to help make to make the path to prosperity a little straighter, guiding the way to the top of the mountain. As stated, the path need not be so difficult. Someone with experience and expertise simply needs to guide you and show you a better and easier route.

When you are ready to take a next step, even if it may be a brief phone call to discuss a little more, I am here to help you. If you would like a little more information before having that conversation, I welcome you to visit my website for additional insights and answers to questions you may have.

My very best regards to you and your success,

- Brian Dunkel

Consultant, Coach, and Speaker
Sales - Leadership – Strategy

Mobile: 925.621.8711