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Brian Dunkel is a sales leadership consultant and speaker with a proven history of helping business owners and executives grow top-line sales revenue and turnaround underperforming individuals and teams. Brian focuses on the three primary influencers of growth, including personal leadership development, opportunity development, and simple strategies, tactics, and management tools to support the growth effort. Brian’s clients are often those involved in the manufacturing and or selling of products or services, but has helped others in various industries as the principles apply to all businesses.

Brian is driven by a calling to help others possessing an open, positive, and growth mindset to perform at their very best, providing them with clarity, focus, direction, and a sense of empowerment. In his career, Brian had noticed a pattern that while many business owners excel at what they do from a technical standpoint, they often have a shortcoming when it comes to growing sales and maximizing the value and valuation of their business. Having over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, along with a working knowledge of operations, finance, and M&A, Brian felt he had to do something to help business owners become unstuck and further their success.

Keys to success as a consultant and coach are a direct, straightforward approach to strategy and execution with an objective, empathetic, accountable, and holistic approach. This, coupled with a strong desire to cultivate and share wisdom, Brian receives a great sense of satisfaction in helping someone who may have been in a place of frustration and stagnation breakthrough and realize their personal and professional goal of having a successful business or career. With a vast track record of professional sales experience, international travel, exhilarating life experiences, and varied leadership roles, Brian enjoys giving back through his church, Rotary, and various other community and charity organizations.

When a business owner or executive gets to the point of fatigue or frustration, most often evident in the numbers and comments to trusted advisors, understand that there is help and no reason to delay and continue to suffer. For a no obligation consultation to see if Brian can help, please contact Brian Dunkel at, or by phone at 925-621-8711.

Snapshot of Experience…

Industries: direct work experience in medical devices and equipment, reprographic equipment, application and archival software, legal practice guides and research services, retail sales, food & beverage.

Leadership: has lead teams of direct-reports of 3 to 8 people, and indirect reports of over 25 people, including sales reps, sales managers, and distributors.

Revenues: direct P&L experience with annual revenue ranging from $3M to over $20M.

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