Business Coach & Sales Consultant - "Helping Businesses Sell More, Be More."


Increased Sales Revenue

Improved Sales Performance

Motivated Sales Force

Services Offered (Solutions and Options):

Coaching: advisement and accountability partner to help execute on what needs to get accomplished to achieve desired outcomes (in person or remote)

Consulting: assess client situation and needs, provide recommendations and solutions, and assist in implementing the solutions to achieve client’s desired objectives (onsite)

Training: teach best-practices for developing processes and people (onsite)

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Key Questions (Problems and Pain):

  • Tired, stuck, frustrated, and need more customers and revenue?
  • Sales flat or declining and need to get the sales numbers up quick?
  • Do you want a true sales culture that delivers value to all stakeholders and consistently produces?
  • Do you want a motivated team you can retain and the back-end operations to support them?
  • Exhausted from trying to turnaround that stubborn sales veteran?

Why Dunkel Sales Solutions..

  • Vast and varied sales experience in different roles (sales rep, sales manager, VP of Sales and Marketing, founder/operator), markets (domestic and foreign), channels (direct and indirect), and organizations (small business and large corporations) 
  • A direct, straightforward approach to sales strategy and execution in a wide variety of business situations
  • Rogue scholar of personal and professional development, psychology, sociology, and neuroscience
  • Working knowledge of marketing, finance, operations, corporate development, and M&A
  • Objective, unbiased advisement and accountability

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