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What problems do you solve?

  • Revenue flat or declining -or- hyper, uncontrolled growth – both have brutal effect on financials

  • Low employee morale, engagement = high turnover, attrition – high costs to people and potential 

  • Hope-based strategies – people and revenue wandering in the direction of Never Never Land

  • Bad actors – undermining others leads to a toxic, unproductive climate

  • Ineffective, inefficient sales management processes and tools - team spin its wheels never gaining traction; a waste of time, effort, opportunities, and money

  • Preparation for a future event – initial go-to-market entry, acquisition or merger, exit of owners, IPO or VC exit

  • Other strategic initiatives related to top-line revenue growth – crucial issues or projects set forth by the board or executive leadership

Many clients had tried unsuccessfully to significantly grow revenue on their own, usually with the numbers either remaining flat, or worse, declining. Other problems and symptoms often include low employee morale, high turnover, low sales productivity, and a lack of an effective strategy, tactics, and tools. Many times, in a state of emotional and financial angst, it is then they decide enough is enough and seek outside, objective assistance.

What results do clients receive?

  • An increase in sustainable and scalable revenue (security and certainty)

  • An engaged, motivated, and top-performing sales culture throughout the organization  (accordance and unity)

  • An organization of high-value to all stakeholders including colleagues, customers, and community (transcendence and significance)

  • A higher valuation for owners and shareholders in monetary appreciation and equity (achievement and attainment)

  • An elevated state of mental and emotional being (peace-of-mind and contentment)

An increase in revenue is the obvious outcome, but it is a result of a top-down, systemic and systematic approach that drives the change. Sales leaders and team members are now showing up with confidence and positive influence, sales teams are executing on a solid, growth-oriented sales strategy, and the overall organizational culture is realistically optimistic about the future, even as we enter an era of economic uncertainty.


How do you help, what is your methodology?

A comprehensive and exclusive 5-step approach:

  1. Organization of Value and High-Valuation
  2. Culture of Influence and Leadership
  3. Sales Strategy and Execution
  4. Sales Operations and Management
  5. Sales Process and a Sales Training System

What services do you offer?

  • Consulting – assess, recommend, and implement solutions
  • Coaching – advisor and accountability partner
  • Training – transfer of skills and best-practices (train the trainer)
  • Speaking – programs and topics on areas of expertise

Who do you work with?

Business owners and executives in...

  • Manufacturing and Wholesale/Distributor Sectors
  • Professional Services Sector
  • Technology Sector
  • Not-For-Profit Sector


Primarily, I work with business owners and executives in the manufacturing and wholesale sectors as the business models are nearly identical, my sweet spot being in the Medical Equipment and Devices Industry. I also work with those in the professional services and tech sectors, along with non-profits and community service organizations as the principles of growth (customers, members, revenue, dues, etc.) are universal.


Patterns observed:

  • Most are technically proficient at operating their business, but could be and do better at growing sales revenue and maximizing the value and valuation of their business, with guidance.

  • Sales training is an $85B per year industry that, as a primary growth strategy, is very ineffective and a status quo approach that doesn't offering lasting, sustained change many need. 

  • Businesses grow from the top-down, inside out through leadership, strategy, and process.

  • There is a better, easier way to grow sales revenue.

What makes you different than other consultants, coaches, and trainers?

My approach used to grow revenue is not based on the latest business fad from the management book-of-the-month, nor is it based on tired, status-quo strategies and tactics. It is a battle-tested, top-down (taking into account feedback from the bottom-up) methodology based on wisdom and the fundamentals of understanding human behavior, solid business acumen, and prudent and pragmatic good sense (emotional intelligence AND technical practice). 

With 20 years of sales experience in a corporate environment and as a founder-operator of a multinational sales firm, I have seen what works and equally as important, what does not. Possessing knowledge in a wide array of subjects and concepts, a record of honorable military and philanthropic service, extensive world travel, and the emotional intelligence to offer clarity, insight, and the ability to connect the dots, it is my energy and drive to learn, teach, and evolve that which propels me to help businesses grow and prosper.

What drives you to help businesses grow?

It is my mission to enlighten and empower owners and executives to help businesses prosper, period. Owning and operating a business is a challenging endeavor in its own right. I am here to help make to make the path to prosperity a little straighter, guiding the way to the top of the mountain. The path need not be so difficult. Someone with experience simply needs to guide and show a better and easier route.

What is the next step?

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