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What do you do as an Executive Sales Coach?

  • I work with business owners, CEOs, and sales executives of companies with 1 to 100 salespeople to fix sales problems and eliminate the high financial and emotional costs associated with such. 

What are the results I can expect?

  • Increased sales revenue (financial benefit)
  • Greater well-being for yourself and your team (emotional benefit)

What are your areas of focus?

  1. Sales strategy   (a vision and a plan)
  2. Sales process   (lead gen, qualify, close, referral)
  3. Sales people   (leadership development)
  4. Sales operations   (a management system and training platform)

What are the problem indicators that I may need help?

  • Flat or declining sales revenue -or- hyper, uncontrolled growth
  • Low employee engagement -and- high turnover and attrition 
  • Ineffective and inefficient sales strategies, processes, and tactics
  • Preparation for a future event, including: go-to-market entry, acquisition or merger, exit of owners, IPO


What services do you offer?

  • Coaching – advisor and accountability partner
  • Consulting – assess, recommend, and implement solutions
  • Speaking – programs and topics on areas of expertise

Who do you typically work with?

  • Position: Business owner, CEO, and senior sales executive (VP of Sales, Sales Director)
  • Sector: Manufacturing, Wholesale/Distribution, Professional Services, Technology, Food & Beverage
  • Employees (sales): 1 to 100

Are you open to working with other entities and in different industries?

  • Yes, as the principles of growth are universal to any type of organization, including service clubs, churches, nonprofits.


My message to business owners, CEOs, and sales executives...

I understand that owning and operating a business is a tough endeavor in its own right as I have been there. And… I am not here to tell you how to run your business, no matter what type of business it is or in what industry. However, growing your business, more specifically growing top-line sales revenue, need not be so difficult… with the proper guidance of someone who both knows how to do it and has done it.

In my experience, I have observed that sales problems present themselves in three (3) common areas… low or declining sales revenue, low sales productivity by disengaged employees, and ineffective and inefficient sales strategies and processes. All three adversely affect your business and have severe financial and emotional costs that permeate throughout the organization.

As an executive sales coach, I work with business owners, CEOs, and sales executives to fix sales problems and grow their business, ultimately helping them and others prosper and succeed. Imagine solving all of your sales problems and experiencing the financial and emotional well-being associated with a substantial increase in scalable and sustainable sales revenue. Imagine team members showing up for work with confidence and positive influence, fully engaged and confident, executing on a solid, growth-oriented sales strategy that is generating massive value for all… customers, colleagues, and community. Imagine your business operating as a highly functional, well-oiled cash machine. A legitimate business entity that is producing abundant income and is appreciating in valuation and generating equity at an accelerated rate, not a lifestyle enterprise that is luckily making money in spite of itself. As we enter an era of economic uncertainty, you need a proven sales professional to assist and guide you. 

Having worked with many clients, several have confided in me that despite their best intentions and efforts, they simply did not know how to effectively grow sales revenue. Many read marketing and sales books and attended seminars and workshops, but just couldn’t do it on their own. They continued to struggle and experience the frustration and fatigue associated with growing their business, often referring to the metaphor of pushing a rock up hill. Let me show you how to solve these problems in a way that is relatively easy and in much less time than you may think. My FREE ONE-PAGER ON REVENUE GROWTH will highlight the approach I use and what you can expect to achieve, and why.

Three (3) Common Problems Related to Sales Revenue:

1. Flat or declining sales revenue, or hyper, uncontrolled growth: Both have devastating effects on the financial health of the business. With a decrease in revenue, and or a subsequent decrease in profitability, a business has less of an impact on all stakeholders. A loss in revenue means less resources to provide value in the form of products, service, innovative solutions, employment, income and appreciation to shareholders, and to give back to the community in which it resides. Everyone loses when a business is not thriving.

2. Low employee engagement, and high turnover and attrition: These are usually clear indications that something is really wrong. Highly qualified, productive people leave organizations feel that they cannot succeed at. Only those that are merely looking for a job are usually the ones that stick around. If your people are not productive, not engaged, and or are leaving, this means that the culture of your business is not conducive to growth, nor does it serve a higher purpose.

3. Ineffective and inefficient sales strategies, processes, and tactics: All result in the loss of momentum, time, money, and opportunities. Again, successful people will recognize this quickly and leave. Further compounding this tragedy is that you will experience the agony of relinquishing qualified employees and sales revenue to your competitors.

*** Stop struggling and trying to grow sales revenue on your own. See my FREE ONE-PAGER ON REVENUE GROWTH to learn how to do it easier and in less time. ***

With over 20 years of experience in various sales roles and markets, clients rely on my help to become unstuck and grow their business. My unique approach is focused on the core areas that fast-track sales revenue growth. My approach is so effective, I even back it up with a written guarantee that your sales will increase by at least 10% within the first 5 months we begin working together.

Please complete the contact request form (see below) and I will be sure to email you the  FREE ONE-PAGER ON REVENUE GROWTH  on the core areas that have the greatest impact on growing sustainable sales revenue. 


What patterns have you observed?

  • Most business owners and executives are technically proficient at operating their business. However, many can do better at growing sales revenue and maximizing the value and valuation of their business. 

  • Sales training is an $85B per year industry that, as a primary growth strategy, is very ineffective and a status quo approach that doesn't offer lasting, sustainable change that many need. 

  • Businesses grow from the top-down, inside-out through proper sales strategy, leadership, and process.

  • There is a better, easier way to grow sales revenue and it need not be complicated or difficult… with the right guidance. 

What makes you different than other consultants, coaches, and trainers?

  • 20 years of sales and marketing experience in a variety of roles and markets (15 years in Medical Devices), having observed what does and does not work.

  • Former founder-operator of a multinational manufacturer sales rep firm with a working knowledge of marketing, finance, operations, corporate development, and M&A.

  • Extensive study of psychology, sociology, philosophy, and neuroscience to greatly expand emotional intelligence and capacity to connect the dots... offering others clarity, insight, and guidance.

  • An approach to grow sales revenue that is not based on the latest business fad from the management book-of-the-month, nor is it based on tired, status-quo "corporate" strategies and tactics. 

  • The employment of a battle-tested methodology based on wisdom and the fundamentals of understanding human behavior, solid business acumen, and prudent and pragmatic good sense.

  • Broad and deep level of knowledge, character, world travel, military and philanthropic service, and life experiences.

  • Driven to learn and evolve, teach and share, and help others grow and prosper.

What drives you to help businesses grow?

It is my mission to enlighten and empower business owners and executives to help businesses prosper, period.  I am here to help make to make the path to prosperity a little straighter, guiding the way to the top of the mountain. The path need not be so difficult. Someone with experience simply needs to guide you and show you a better and easier route.

What is the next step?

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