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As of March 2020, Brian Dunkel is a Partner with The 2GO Group

Increased Revenue. Greater Peace-of-Mind.

Your Questions Answered



Who do you help and how?

  • As a business owner, I have been there, did that, and continue to see others suffer needlessly... financially, mentally, and emotionally.
  • As an agent of change, I work with business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow revenue and grow the business by addressing issues related to strategy, structure, process, and leadership development. 
  • At a deeper level, we focus on both BEING (leadership) and DOING (strategy and tactics) to obtain the desired outcomes. 
  • In doing so, we work together to eliminate the financial and emotional pain, problems, and costs that stand in the way of success.
  • There is a better, easier way!


Why are many business owners and executives fearful of change and growth?

  • Using status quo methodologies, most believe that growth means more work and longer hours. Done in a different way, the opposite is true.
  • True sustainable and scalable growth comes through organizing both your mind and your business in such a way that both are working for you, not against you.
  • Ultimately this leads to less work and less stress, and more time, more money, more freedom, and more joy.

What are some examples of the problems you help solve?

  • Flat or declining revenue   -or-   hyper uncontrolled growth
  • Ineffective growth strategies and tactics
  • Low employee engagement, high turnover, and abnormal attrition
  • The preparation for a future event, including market entry, acquisition, or exit of owners.

What will I and others get as a result of working with you?

  • A substantial increase in scalable and sustainable revenue (financial benefit).
  • A greater well-being for the business owner, executive, and team (emotional benefit).
  • An increased capacity for growth of both the business and the business owner as both are inseparably tied together (self-actualization).
  • An increase of the value provided to all stakeholders, including customers, colleagues, suppliers, and community (common-good benefit).
  • A higher valuation for shareholders in both in income and equity appreciation (financial benefit).

What are your 5 Core Areas of Focus?

  1. Clarity – it is through awareness and truth that one can then begin to shape reality
  2. Strategy – a clear vision and a simple, effective plan to achieve growth objectives
  3. Structure – a well organized business model and the organization chart to operate it
  4. Systems & Process – the consistent execution of tactics to generate profitable revenue
  5. People – influence and leadership development to control one’s inner and outer space

What is your 3 Step Process?

  1. Assess - observe and evaluate the situation
  2. Recommend - offer sound suggestions and proven solutions based on evidence and intuition
  3. Implement - assist in the execution of solutions to get the desired results 

Who are you, how are you different from other management consultants, and why should I work with you?

  • Possess a deep understanding of human behavior and how to influence such.
  • The uncommon ability to simplify the complex and bridge the gap between dissimilar concepts and subjects.
  • Well-versed at helping others to connect the dots and alter paradigms.
  • The capacity to discern the abstract and conceptual, as well as implement the utilitarian and pragmatic.
  • Knowledge and proven experience in business, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and neuroscience. 
  • Expertise in sales, influence, and leadership, coupled with a working knowledge of branding, marketing, finance, operations, M&A, and various non-business subjects.
  • Ultimately, with over 20 years of experience in various sales and leadership roles and markets, coupled with over 10 years in personal development and coaching, businesses rely on my help to become unstuck and grow.

What is your core message to business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs?

  • There is a better, easier way to grow your business and it need not be complicated or difficult… with the right guidance, accountability, and execution.
  • Stop suffering... there is no need for it. Help is available so raise your hand and end the drowning.

Who do you typically work with?

  • Position: Business Owners, Executives, and Entrepreneurs
  • Mindset: Growth-oriented, open-minded
  • Sectors: Manufacturing, Wholesale/Distribution
  • Industries: Medical Devices, Biotech, I.T. Equipment, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, other Advanced-Manufactured Products
  • Company: Annual Revenue of $5 million to $50 million (lower middle market)


Are you open to working with other entities and in different industries?

  • Yes, as the principles of personal and professional growth are universal to any type of organization and individual, including service clubs, churches, nonprofits.
  • I have worked with the Salvation Army, Rotary clubs, churches, 4-H, and various other service organizations.


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